What's in Aya's Work Bag for the Season and Back to School?

What's in Aya's Work Bag for the Season and Back to School?

What's in Aya's Work Bag for the Season and Back to School?

Aya knows the importance of being prepared for both workdays and back-to-school adventures. Her trusty work bag is a treasure trove of essentials that keep her feeling confident and ready for whatever comes her way. Let's take a peek inside and see what she's got!

Maybelline Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipstick

Aya loves to keep her lips looking flawless during the day, and Maybelline's Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipstick is her go-to choice. With its long-lasting formula, it stays put all day, even through those busy work meetings or school lectures.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

For those days when Aya doesn't have time for a full hair wash, she relies on Klorane's Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. It helps to refresh her hair, eliminate excess oil, and add volume, ensuring she looks her best without the fuss.

Essie Nail Polish in Color Sand Tropez

Aya's nail game is always on point with Essie's Nail Polish in Color Sand Tropez. This nude shade complements any outfit and adds a touch of elegance to her appearance. It's perfect for both work and school settings.

Twistshake Hot or Cold Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential, and Aya keeps her Twistshake Stainless Steel Water Bottle by her side. Whether it's a hot day or a chilly one, this bottle keeps her drinks at the right temperature, ensuring she remains refreshed throughout the day.

Grapeful-Oat Bar 55g

Aya knows the importance of a good snack, especially when her energy levels dip during work or class. The Grapeful-Oat Bar is her choice for a quick and tasty pick-me-up. Packed with oats and protein, it's her ideal post-workout or midday snack.

Aya's work bag is a reflection of her practical and no-fuss approach to life. These simple and effective essentials keep her looking and feeling her best during this season and back-to-school time. Whether it's a long day at the office or a packed day of lectures, she's always ready to tackle it all.

So, if you're looking to stay prepared and stylish during the season and back-to-school season, take a page from Aya's book and stock up on these essential items. They'll help you breeze through your days with ease and confidence.