Skincare and Makeup Tips for a Stress-Free Back-to-School RoutineA girl washing her face with products from Bisoo.

Life becomes chaotic with classes, assignments, and social activities as back-to-school time comes near. We'll discuss a short, time-saving practice that will help you stay serene and beautiful. Cleanser, BB Cream, Bronzer, Mascara, and Lipstick are also important items that we'll highlight.

Routine for Morning Skincare

With a quick and easy morning skincare routine, you can start your day off properly. Only a few necessary items will do the trick:

1. Cleansing: Start with CERAVE HYDRATING CLEANSER FOR NORMAL TO DRY SKIN. It suits all skin types and is gentle and efficient. Apply it to moist skin, gently massage it in, and then rinse it off. By keeping your skin's natural balance in check, this cleanser prevents your skin from becoming too dry or too greasy.

2. Moisturizing: Apply a little GARNIER 5IN1 MIRACLE SKIN PERFECTOR BB CREAM Pick a product that is appropriate for your skin type. Look for a hydrating moisturizer if you have dry skin; individuals with oily skin should choose a gel-based composition.

Makeup Routine

For an elegant appearance without spending a lot of time on makeup, keep the routine simple but effective.

1. BB Cream: Go for a GARNIER BB CREAM rather than a heavy foundation. It offers skincare advantages in addition to coverage. To balance out the tone of your skin, apply a little bit.

2. Bronzer: Dab a little L'OREAL GLAM BRONZE LA TERRA FRENCH RIVIERA on your cheeks to give them a healthy shine. Using a little bronzer can make your skin more radiant.

3. Mascara: Use MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL SKY HIGH MASCARA to make your eyes appear larger. It's an effortless technique to give your eyes a more awake, attentive appearance.

4. Lipstick: Use PUPA MILANO IM MATT LIPSTICK to complete your look. A simple lip color change can instantly improve your appearance. 

After-Dark Skincare Routine

Take a few moments to pamper your skin with care before bedtime.

1. Cleansing: Ensure your face is free from makeup and daily pollutants by using your trusted CERAVE HYDRATING CLEANSER FOR NORMAL TO DRY SKIN once more. Nightly cleansing is crucial for keeping your skin clear and preventing breakouts.

2. Moisturizing: Provide your skin with the essential hydration it craves during the night by applying A-OXITIVE CREAM NIGHT from AVENE


You can achieve a radiant appearance without hassle with a stress-free back-to-school routine. Make the most of your busy school days by keeping things simple, placing a high priority on self-care.