Color Corrector

Color Corrector

Color Corrector

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SEPHORA| Color Corrector

Texture: Liquid

A color corrector to mask imperfections such as dark circles, dark spots and redness. Its light texture is easy to apply and blend for a lastingly even complexion. Its formula contains plant extracts for a radiant complexion.

Why do we like this color corrector?

The SEPHORA COLLECTION color corrector instantly targets dark circles, dark spots, darker areas and redness. In a few easy steps, it neutralizes these imperfections for a more even complexion and lasting results. The color correctors flock-tipped applicator makes it super-practical for easy and precise application.

What's the best way to cover up dark circles and imperfections with a color corrector?

Available in two shades, this color corrector conceals imperfections. The green corrector neutralizes red colors and helps visibly reduce localized redness. The peach corrector neutralizes blue, purple and brown colors. It camouflages dark circles, covers up dark spots and illuminates darker areas.
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Sale price $25.60 Regular price $32.00 Save $6.40
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