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Product Description:

Experience the epitome of convenience and elegance with the EcoTools Retractable Face Makeup Brush, designed to bestow a signature glow effortlessly. By choosing this brush, you are not only enhancing your beauty routine, but also embracing your commitment to environmental sustainability. Crafted with velvety cruelty-free synthetic bristles, this versatile brush is perfectly compact for travel and excels in the application of powders and bronzers. The EcoTools Brushes proudly showcase their smooth and renewable bamboo handles, as well as their synthetic Taklon bristles and sleek recycled aluminum ferrules, ensuring a truly luxurious beauty experience. Achieve a flawlessly airbrushed complexion, free from streaks, while embracing the ideals of compassion and veganism, as this brush remains untouched by animal testing. Whether you seek perfection for your eyes, cheeks, or foundation, these EcoTools makeup brushes flawlessly cater to all skin tones and types, making them an essential addition to your routine. Crafted from recycled and sustainable materials, these brushes not only enhance your appearance, but also leave you feeling virtuous, with their classic and seamless application. Rest assured, this brush is thoughtfully packaged with 88% less plastic and biodegradable paper, further solidifying your commitment to a greener future.


  • The EcoTools Retractable Makeup Brush is designed with full, soft bristles for a versatile application of makeup on-the-go
  • Designed for sensitive skin and versatile application of powder and bronzer
  • Simply remove the cap and dab the brush in the makeup product
  • Includes cap for mess-free storage
  • Best used with powders and bronzers
  • Beautifully soft bristles, for gentle makeup application
  • Handcrafted with eco-friendly materials and lightweight bamboo handles
  • Made with synthetic Taklon bristles and sleek aluminum ferrules
  • Cruelty-Free and Vegan - EcoTools products are never tested on animals.

How to use:

Dip the EcoTools Retractable Makeup Brush in loose or pressed powder and tap off excess. Lightly blend makeup over the entire face to create a smooth, soft finish. Also great for blush or bronzer. After makeup application, place the cap over the makeup bristles for mess-free storage in your purse, gym bag, or makeup bag.

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