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Texture: mask
 Skin types: Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination, Sensitive, Dehydrated

• Specific treatment:
o Nourishing and Soothing (Coconut),
o Moisturizing and glow (Lychee),
o Pore perfecting and smoothing (Pineapple),
o Energizing and toning (Pomegranate),
o Hydrating and anti-pollution (Spirulina),
o Quenching and plumping (Watermelon),
o Mattifying and clarifying (Matcha tea),
o Purifying and perfecting (Grapefruit). Face masks with 95% naturally derived ingredients What is Sephora Collection’s top priority? To care for your skin with affordable products that work. That’s why our new-generation fiber face masks are now enriched with botanical extracts and formulated with 95% naturally derived ingredients.

Whether you want a face mask to moisturize, boost radiance, soothe, treat blemishes, purify, or perfect, our single-use face masks work in just five minutes! They address your skin’s specific needs and deliver the power of fruit and plants for instant results.

The fine fabric of our Sephora Collection face masks is made from natural eucalyptus, which adheres perfectly to optimize interactions with the skin and produce results in no time.

8 super-ingredients for 8 super face masks Every face mask has its own botanical extracts to address your skin’s specific needs. - Coconut*: Known for its high protein and mineral content, coconut helps soothe and moisturize skin.
- Watermelon*: Bursting with water and packed with vitamins, watermelon maintains hydration and tones skin. Perfect for dry skin!
- Grapefruit*: Known to be rich in vitamins, polyphenols, and minerals, grapefruit contributes to restoring skin’s natural radiance.
- Lychee*: Lychee is a great source of vitamins and amino acids, which give it moisturizing and radiance-boosting properties.
- Pineapple*: This tropical fruit, known for its high enzyme and organic acid content, helps restore radiance in dull skin.
- Matcha tea*: Matcha has astringent properties known to control shine and purify skin. - Spirulina*: This micro-algae, known to contain a wealth of minerals, vitamins, and proteins, helps counter the effects of pollutants!
- Pomegranate*: Pomegranate is a tropical fruit that awakens and tones skin thanks to its high vitamin content!

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