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Product Description:

Optimal Medicine Dropper is usually made from a long piece of plastic with a flexible rubber handle that is used to suction liquids in and out of the device. Clear markings in millimeters ( 5ml of capacity ) allow you to measure dosages precisely. It can be used from birth till 24 months. Wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water before and after use.

How to use:

  1. Open the medicine bottle.
  2. Pick up the dropper and find the mark on the dropper for the amount or dose of medicine needed. Find the measurement that matches the dose you need.
  3. Squeeze the bulb end and put the tip of the dropper into the medicine bottle.
  4. Slowly let pressure off of the bulb. You will see the medicine being pulled up into the dropper.
  5. When you get the medicine pulled up to the mark of the amount needed, pull the dropper tip out of the liquid and let the pressure off of the bulb.
  6. Check that the medicine is to the right mark for the amount needed. Squeeze the bulb to either remove extra medicine or to pull up more medicine if needed.
  7. Place the dropper tip into the child’s mouth like a feeding spoon and gently squeeze to release the medicine. Be sure the child is sitting up when giving the medicine. For very young children, it may work best to put the tip in towards their cheek, so they do not push the medicine out with their tongue.
  8. Remove the bulb from the dropper and wash both pieces with warm water and mild soap. Rinse the pieces well with clean water and then let the pieces air dry on a clean towel.
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