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Product Description:

Indulge in the exciting and delightful world of weaning with our comprehensive weaning kit, perfect for introducing solid food to your baby. With our innovative Easi-scoop feeding bowls, you can say goodbye to messy mealtimes and hello to effortless feeding. Their unique triangular base ensures that every mouthful is easily scooped up, reducing waste and minimizing clean-up. Additionally, their ergonomically shaped handle makes them easy to hold without getting your hands dirty. These bowls are stackable and microwave-safe, making them a convenient and practical choice for busy parents. Our Softeeweaning spoon is an excellent option for your baby's first solid food adventures. With its smooth, flexible tip, it gently delivers food to your baby's mouth while being soft on their tender gums. The extra-long handle makes feeding a breeze. Our weaning sippy cup is designed to help your baby develop tipping and sipping skills while preventing spills. Our unique INTELLIVALVE anti-leak technology ensures that the cup remains 100% leak and shake-proof, even when turned upside down. Moreover, our drinking cups feature BACSHIELD antibacterial technology, reducing bacteria by up to 99.9%* and providing an extra layer of reassurance. Our  Go bibs are perfect for on-the-go feeding, providing protection and convenience. With Roll  Go bibs, you can rest easy knowing that all those little spills will be caught by the crumb catcher.


  • Weaning starter kit contains: 2x easi-scoop feeding bowls, 2x softee weaning spoons, 1x silicone bib, 1x weaning sippy cup and 2x food storage pots.
  • Easi-scoop feeding bowls: These feeding bowls feature a unique easy-scoop triangular base and an ergonomic handle designed to make mealtimes easy and a lot less messy. Stackable, BPA free and microwave and dishwasher-safe.
  • Softee weaning spoons: The smooth, flexible tip is soft and gentle on babys mouth and gums and the extra-long handle makes scooping and feeding easy.
  • Weaning Sippee cup: Specially designed for babys firsts sips, our weaning Sippee cup helps baby to develop tipping and sipping skills and is 100% leak and shake-proof, even when turned upside down.
  • Protection against bacteria:: The tips of the weaning spoons and the spout of the sippy cup are made with BACSCHIELD antibacterial technology that reduces bacteria by up to 99.9%.
  • Roll  Go bibs: Featuring a handy crumb catcher to catch all those little spills, these soft silicone bibs are lightweight, easy to clean and flexible so can be easily rolled up for easy storage.
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