Tri-Phasic Oil


Tri-Phasic Oil

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YVES MOREL | Tri-Phasic Oil

Shake it up: vibrant, eye-catching tri-phase technology that is moisturizing and nourishing to quench and revive your parched nails Mineral oil that is hydrating and revitalizing is present in the superior phase. The special emollient agent is present in the middle phase. Glycerin, which is recognized for its humectant qualities, is present in the inferior phase. Additionally, the superior and middle phases include healthy sweet almond oil. AMAZING cuticle and nail treatments that combine the moisturizing and nourishing powers of glycerin and oils. After one week, the nails are nourished: 100% After a week, the nails are moisturized: 100% After a week, cuticles are nourished: 95% After a week, cuticles soften: 84% USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Apply to bare nails and nail outlines after thoroughly shaking the product. Massage it in to speed up its absorption. Wash and blot.

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